After ten successful albums it seems the perfect time to celebrate vocalist Trudy Kerr's music with this compilation album, which showcases some of her greatest recorded moments. The album is packaged in just a simple cardboard sleeve. 

Claire Martin said on BBC Radio 3's Jazz Line-Up "...that rightly so, Trudy has become one of our most prolific and respected members of the British jazz scene". This is so true looking back at her albums, as her music is stylistically varied with each recording delving into new territory.

Trudy was fortunate enough to work with American pianist Mulgrew Miller on her album 'Daydream' and she chose to put "Glad to be Unhappy" as the opening track on this CD as a tribute to him.

Other tracks include the Coltrane-classic "Moment's Notice" from Kerr's 'Cloudburst' album, which demonstrates not only her vocal dexterity but also her skill at writing vocalese lyrics. From the album 'Déjà vu' Trudy performs a stunning version of "They Say it's Wonderful", intertwining beautifully with Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren's emotive lines. Trudy also worked on an album called 'Like Minds' with pianist Michael Garrick, and she has chosen to include a very moving version of "In a Sentimental Mood".

As a songwriter she is coming into her own collaborating with her husband Geoff Gascoyne on their 2012 recording 'The Rhythm of Life'. Jamie Cullum described the originals as "new standards of today" and the two tracks featured on 'Contemplation' are "Save Me" and "Poppies".

The list of musicians on this album is a who's who of British jazz, including Tom Cawley - piano, Geoff Gascoyne - bass, Seb de Krom - drums, all regulars in Trudy's band. Also featuring Dick Pearce, Jim Mullen, Martin Shaw, Derek Nash and Andy Panayi, plus many more.