If it's true that the audience for jazz is getting older, singer Kerr has an ingenious solution - a sing-along jazz album for kids, creating a new hip generation. The music - cute standards like The Doodlin' Song, Swingin'on a Star and Happy Talk - is utterly joyful. There are kids singing too,but they swing.

Mojo Magazine, Feb 2007

...the warmth, pure enjoyment and sparkle of Trudy Kerr's voice reachesbeyond the target audience of babies and mums.

Manchester Evening Post, Feb 2007

...I tried it out on my grandchildren and they just loved it!

Nottingham Evening Post, Feb 2007

You can't introduce youthful ears to jazz too early, is the message of this fun album.

Vortex Site

She sings like an angel throughout and is joined by a world-class band.

Iann Mann, Dash 24

At last a CD especially for young children, which everyone can enjoy...

Northern Echo

Though the sense of fun it conjures is so infectious that adults are sure to be smitten by its bountiful charms. Every home should have a copy.

Record Collector, Feb 2007

...the feeling of rhythm and swing is well to the fore, and the band and Trudy do a splendid job. The children do very well in their whole hearted singing, I hope that the record is successful, as is should be as it is a praiseworthy idea very well accomplished.

Crescendo Magazine, Jan 2007