Trudy Kerr's warm voice and wide range come over on this brilliantly programmed set. From smouldering Julie London style Ballads to wild swingers, she handles the constantly changing moods with impressive ease.

Dave Gelly, The Observer, April 1999

As a singer she's a Nancy Wilson whisper to something short of an Aretha Franklin shout. Her diction is crystal clear and her time impeccable. She pears to have the intelligence to realise and use the dramatic possibilities of the material at hand. MY FOOLISH HEART... Kerr's vocal is breathy, sexy, ordering on erotic. STARS IN YOUR EYES... the conviction poured into Kerr's immaculate vocal... The proof of just how good a singer Trudy Kerr is, if you must have proof, come on A TOUCH OF PARADISE, Her voice seems to extrapolate itself into the instrumentally vacated regions of the song and fill every crease and crevice with rich lovely sound.

Cadence Magazine USA, June 1999

On this her second album, TRUDY KERR has applied her pleasingly informal vocals, with their admirable clear diction and intelligent approach to lyrics. GET OUT OF TOWN provides Kerr with suitably emotive material for her directly appealing yet unfussy vocal style.

Chris Parker, Jazzwise Magazine, Jan 1999

Trudy Kerr stays in a reflective mood for much of this beautifully programmed collection... she sees know need to confine herself to the Great American Songbook. James Taylor and Carole King are as much a part of this landscape as her particular favourite, Cole Porter. Kerr's light airy voice is flexible, she surrounds herself with sympathetic musicians... even Acker Bilk pops up on a charming duet. JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS dances through some subtle tempo changes, and THE SONG IS YOU gleams with pop-tinged colours in an arrangement supplied by Phil Peskett. Kerr sums up genuine passion on a reworking of SINCE I FELL FOR YOU.

Clive Davis, The Times, April 1999

Trudy offers warmth, felling and passion on varied tracks. In SINCE I FELL FOR YOU she's the down-hearted frail, intense and hurting. Contrastingly, in GET OUT OF TOWN an MY FOOLISH HEART, she is beautifuuly restrained. There's a warm and spontaneous sounding vocal duet with Acker Bilk and her rendition of MUSIC sways along delightfully.

Ken Rudge, Musicians Union Magazine, Sept 1999

In all respects this CD lives up to Kerr's debut album, Sweet Surprise, and finds her in good swinging form. She handles her material in a pleasingly understated manner that mingles respect and understanding with an ability to find her own voice on familiar territory. The singer's vocal style, already maturing on the earlier session is seasoning very well indeed... A brief note by Kerr accompanies this very well recorded set and it is something I can safely recommend to the Friends of Good Songs.

Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal, Nov 1999